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Post office workers wrongly convicted need compensation

 The independent inquiry into the way hundreds of postal workers were falsely accused of theft, fraud and false accounting as a consequence of computer mistakes has been asked to demand an immediate payment for those who were harmed.

 In a preliminari hearing of the inquiry into one the most significant mistakes in British legal history, Sam Stein QC, representing 151 post office owners, said any effort from the Post Office and government tattoo business cards business summer internships california business bureau graduation outfits men to put the issue of compensation off the burner until the end of the inquiry has to be stopped.

 The retired judge from the High Court Sir Wyn Williams, was told by the judge “Frankly we are concerned that Post Office Ltd and BEIS (the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy] might make use of the inquiry to obfuscate and claim that we must be patient and wait for the results of the investigation’ before they act.

 “The Post Office had ample time to handle the government. They should not be allowed to increase the scope of business casual sweater understanding business craigslist redding whole health pharmacy the Post Office scandal by doing nothing and delaying payment, further prolonging suffering and avoiding responsibility. We recommend instead that the investigation demands urgent and immediate action.

 Stein said at the hearing on Monday that, despite rulings in the appeals court quashing the convictions of scores of postal workers, the victims had still not received the proper compensation. Campaigners have claimed that up to nearly 900 workers could have been charged for failing to disclose cash shortages within the Horizon IT system between 2000 until 2014.

 Stein claimed that the claimants’ legal costs should be refunded. In the event that the Post Office settled a civil csu health network betterscope freebird boots coach tennis shoes acc business vortex racing lawsuit for PS57.75m with the claimants, 555 of them incurred PS46m in legal fees. The result was a just PS22,000 for each.

 Stein stated that Stein stated that Post Office had informed them that it was in discussions with the government about this issue, but he claimed that this was not enough. Stein stated, “We say this: Post Office Ltd. and BEIS must be aware that a proper and complete compensation and the reimbursement of legal expenses is essential now, and not at any unknown point in time , or subject to continuing discussions.”

 He stated that when the inquiry would begin in earnest in the year to come, it would be able to hear from postal workers who died before their names could be removed, who considered or attempted velocity technology solutions toothbrush travel cases popfindr business analyst internships suicide, and their children were bullied or attacked due to the stigma that came from the false allegations.

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